Wednesday, November 23, 2005

more news

I'm actually going to a hyphotherapist tonight, i had my consulatation on saturday, he said that he can definatlely help me and that one session will definatley show me a big improvement.
this is something sweet that i want to remember, i was snooping in mikes phone a while ago and i saw a message to mary, he was saying that he was planning on getting a mortgage and that he would soon have a house and he said that he was really happy because he also had the best wife in the world! that is something so special that i want to remember forever!
Mike has also got into model aircraft flying, like my dad. he already has two planes, he had his first flying lesson on sunday and the guys told him that he was the best trainer they had seen in a long time! so now hes very chuffed, he spend every night on the internet or reading magazines about it!

I went out on sunday night with the guys from work, it was ok, i got plenty of compliments from everyone so here is a little ego boost for myself! I deserve it!

  • Zoran said to me that I was the most beautiful chef he had ever seen, he said that no one else could be as beuatiful as me!
  • Dave showed me one of Joys friends who is a dancer at blu bamboo, he pointed her out and said that she was nearly as hot as me! hmm thank you! he also tried to kiss me at the end of the night!
  • As i left the night club the gorgeous bouncer from New Zealand stopped me and asked my name he also said that i was really stunning, wow that feels so good!
  • And also the dj said hey zimbabwe taking it easy! over the mic to me, thats so cool, how many people get that?

i really am something special!

i love my life!

Ok, so its been a while!

I said that when I get a diary that I would write down everything! Ha, ya right! Since I last wrote lots has happened. Joanns sister, Marcell has arrived here for 3 months, she was planning on working but it turned out that her visa will be a big problem to get. She was told at Heathrow that she and Joann would be deported if she was found working, I kind of think that they were just saying that to scare her.
It was my dads 1 and a half year anniversary on the 19 November, I remember the night before very clearly, Mike and I had the mattress in the lounge and Mike had fallen asleep, I felt really upset about my dad and began crying and crying and crying, I couldnt stop, I guess that I just needed it at that moment.
The next day though my cousins Avril and Scott arrived, I havent seen these guys since I was about 7 and I didnt acutally recognise them. My mom and I went up to the airport to collect them and I went off to the loo and when I came back I saw my mom with them. We were both saying that we hadnt a clue how we were going to recognise them.
We went into town and showed them around and went for lunch in Scoozis, shame they hadnt
brought over much money and didnt want to have anything to eat, they only wanted coffee, but my mom and I persuaded them to have food.
We took them to Blarney Castle aswell and I got a few good photos of them, who knows when I'll see them next!
My mom took them to Midelton Distellery the nex t day but I had to work.
Mike got a phone call a few weeks ago from the bank offering him a mortgage, I was messing around the night before and applied for a mortgage on mikes behalf, so we arranged a meeting with a mortgage adviser, Killian Keyes and applied for a mortgage, he told us to apply for a mortgage for €335 thou and apply for a fictional house, so we did and sent in all the forms. I got a call last week from someone called Tina O'Leary telling me that we wouldnt be able to apply for a mortgage because our loan repayments were too high, so we're gonna wait until Killian gets back from holiday and speak to him. I've also emailed other mortgage compainies to sed out application forms.
I actually went to see a house, Charleston Close in Midelton, a stunning three story town house, on the first floor was the hallway which took you into the dinning room and off that was the most gorgeous kitchen complete with oven, stove, fridge and dish washer. And then the first lounge, yes FIRST!, was sunken with huge doors onto the garden, it also had a fireplace, and then off the dining room was a laundry room with plenty storage and then past that was more storage again. On the first floor was the main bedroom with ensuite with heated flooring and the second hug lounge was just across from that with another fire place and then upstairs was two more bedrooms and another bathroom. The house was beautiful with such amazing character. Ciara came down with me and she kept on asking where her bedroom was, which I found a bit distressing.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time for bed soon!

Well this is my first time keeping an actual diary that I know Michael won't be able to get to, thank goodness. I finished work today at about ten, Rory and myself were on with Peggy. The Ireland v Switzerland match was on, and naturally Rory had to listen to it, so bloody loud thou, and then as soon as Switzerland scored in the second half Rory turned off the radio! ha! SILENCE! Today I told Gordon that I am staying on at the Ambassador, there're paying me more and I get along with Gordon better than Phil. I will miss Joann and Ischa thou, but I'll really have to work to keep in touch with them, oh well more nights out a Blu Bamboo I guess! Whop! I was looking on websites tonight trying to find good website to locate other Zimbos. I signed up to one of them, we'll see who I can find. And today is also Michael and mines 3year anniversary together, wow thats the longest I've ever been with anyone, but Michael was with Lauren for about 5 years thru high school, so I have a bit to go to catch up with that! Anyways, I'm off to shower now and then hop into bed with Michael and Chops!